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A boys and youth choir is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. The choir heads  to the airport on their way to Australia from a village in the United Kingdom when their trip turns into a national disaster - leaving the boys trapped in a spiritual limbo on Earth.

Over time, the church where the choir used to sing and practice is sold after a number of boys' parents and other parishioners stop attending services and move out of the district.

A young couple buy the defunct church and turn it into a work space for a record company.

The choir teams up with the young couple to hold one last concert for the boys' parents before they move on in their spiritual journey.

One Last Concert explores life after death and how those still on Earth can help others spiritually trapped here to find the light and move on.




One Last Concert is available from Dr Zed Publishing as a paperback here . It is also available in paperback and as an ebook from Amazon Australia, Barnes and Noble Australia and other large book stores or as a paperback through Christopher for $20 which includes postage, directly via this 'buy now' button.

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                One Last Concert (Afterlife, #2)


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