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Christopher J. Holcroft OAM RFD JP  (Ret'd)

'Always live the adventure' 


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I am an author who has set a number of challenges for both adults and  teenagers alike.

My first challenge is for teenagers looking for books of adventure  written specifically about and for them.  I wrote a trilogy around Scott Morrow, a teenage boy who does not want to be the centre of attention, never mind a hero.  Scott finds the training he has been given in Scouting has helped prepare him to be the hero a nation  calls for when all hell breaks loose.


The Scott Morrow Adventure trilogy

The Scott Morrow Adventure trilogy comprises Only The Brave Dare, Canyon and A Rite of Passage  with all books set in Australia. It is contemporary and anyone currently in Scouting or Guiding or has been a member of these organisations, will  instantly feel at home and want to read and re-read them again and again.

I was a Cub, Senior Scout (Venturer), Venturer Leader,  member of a Bush Fire Brigade, the New South Wales emergency services and served in the Australian Army Reserve for 43 years.

As a teenager I obtained my Queens Scout and Duke of Edinburgh Awards before computers were around to make life easier. My family taught me to love adventure, the outdoors and to enjoy the many friendships I made along the way. The problem was I could not find any Australian book written specifically for Australian Scouts to enjoy.

Lieutenant General, Lord Robert Baden-Powell, was the founder of the worldwide Scout movement and wrote his famous Scouting For Boys book in 1908. I believe this was the last book of adventure written for Scouts and used in Australia as a textbook. When I couldn't find any adventure books written in the 21st Century specifically for Australian Scouts, Venturers and Rover Scouts, I decided to write a series of novels for them. I wanted today's teenagers to enjoy the exploits of  a group of Venturers as they journey through  a number of exhilarating exploits. The books are about Australians and set specifically in Australia today. They are aimed at youth in an effort to encourage them to read and enjoy our great outdoors.

Join Scott Morrow as he learns a number of scouting skills which arm him to overcome tremendous odds. He has to fight his fears and then learn to push himself harder than he ever thought. The result is a collection of boys own adventures that propel Scott onto the national stage as he develops from being a boy to a young man and becomes the hero a nation wanted but he never wanted to be.

Scott's first two adventures were published in 2008 to help celebrate Australia's centenary of Scouting. 2008 was Australia's Year of the Scout. Scott's adventures are being republished in Australia by Doctor Zed Publishing. So far, Only The Brave Dare, Canyon and A Rite Of Passage have been re-jacketed and published with A Rite Of Passage the latest to hit the presses.





Scott's third adventure A Rite Of Passage, was published in 2010. All three books are available via








The Afterlife series


In Finding Thomas, Teenageer Kit Green 'dies' on the operating theatre after an accident at his home. When he awakes he finds he can see and talk with spirits. Kit's father works for an Opposition politician who is preparing a list of who will head the various Government departments if he political party gains power at the next election.  A rogue finds he is not on the list and sets out to murder the politician and his PR officer.

It falls to Kit and the spirit of the politician's son who has been dead for a decade to stop both their fathers being murdered.

Finding Thomas is also published by Dr Zed Publishing and is available as a paperback and ebook through https://www.doctorzed.com/book-authors/christopher-j-holcroft/

Finding Thomas delves into near death experiences. Click on the book's image to be taken to its page.






My second book in the afterlife series One Last Concert will challenge readers about their beliefs in what happens when we die. Do we go straight to 'heaven'  or could we linger on Earth if our demise was sudden? If we linger here, how do we move on and to where?

A British boys and youth choir is set to go on tour 'down under' when they are involved in a massive disaster. The boys become trapped in an unseen realm and seek the help of a stranger to move them on to the light and so reach  their nirvana.

One Last Concert was published in April 2013 by Infinity Publishing of the USA and is now available through Dr Zed Publishing and in most good book stores including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Booktopia, Angus and Robertson and Fishpond as a paperback and electronic book.     

 Click on the book to be taken to its own page.






In the third book of the Afterlife series, Time Voyager Connor McBride works in the present day as a deckhand on the Manly ferries in Sydney. He must take a journey to the past to solve his recurring nightmares. Connor finds he was a sailor called Andrew West who was best mates with a young man who desperately wants to repair family relations and introduce his pregnant wife to his parents - two generations ago.

The problem is Andrew's friend wants to give him a letter for his parents the night the aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne sliced the destroyer HMAS Voyager in half, killing more than 80 sailors on the destroyer.

Can Andrew solve the issue or must Connor make a journey in time using past life regression hypnotherapy to change a series of events for three families today! Time Voyager will soon be available through Dr Zed Publishing.









Latest book ...


I have now completed the story on the last man to die in a NSW prison van - my brother Mark, in 2009. Mark's death caused my two two sisters and me to take on the NSW Government and help ring in 21 human rights changes to the State's prison system across the board. The book at this stage will be unpublished for general use but is a detailed litany of how the State Government failed not only my brother but also hundreds of other inmates in jails across NSW.


The book is titled "HEAR MY ROAR!" How The State Killed My Brother.


Like to know more about Christopher?


If you need more general background information on Christopher click here or if you want to read Christopher's biography go here here






Need An Author To Visit Your Group Or School?


f your organisation or school would like to have Christopher Holcroft visit and discuss his Scott Morrow Adventure Trilogy, his Afterlife series, or his non-fiction book 'Hear My Roar! How The State Killed My Brother', please email him at  redraven01@optusnet.com.au

Christopher is quite open to discussing his books; characters, plot development and research undertaken to write and publish his books for age groups from secondary school students to adults.

He is an energetic and passionate speaker who has worked closely with teenagers for more than 40 years and been involved in adult organisations for around the same period. Make the call!




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LTCOL Christopher J. Holcroft RFD           

               LTCOL Christopher J. Holcroft OAM RFD JP (Ret'd)


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